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Welcome to my online gallery. All items displayed are currently finished and available for immediate purchase. If you require a price for delivery or any further information please contact us.

A full portfolio of my work that can be made to order can be found in my catalogue (see main navigation).

Standing Stones Table

One of Kevin’s most popular and iconic pieces are those which feature Orkney’s famous standing stones. The hand cut marquetry panels on depict the silhouette of some of these iconic stones and the natural figure of the wood captures the beauty of the Orkney skies. This table also features flared legs, a drawer and has a polished Orkney stone top.

Oak, Ebony, Orkney Stone
390mm x 310mm x 510mm high

At The Waters Edge

Inspired by my love of walking the Orkney coastline, this contemporary table combines the use of two very different natural materials. A piece of Scottish Elm set against a piece of Orkney stone represents the natural beauty of the Orkney coastline and the contrasting differences between land and sea, yet demonstrating that beauty and harmony exists between the two. The polishing of a piece of Orkney stone to represent  the sea is a complex and consuming process but the results are a unique table unlike and other natural edge table. The table base is made from Oak which has been blackened using an ancient Japanese technique called Yakisugi.

Scottish Elm, Orkney Stone, Yakisugi Oak
1000mm x 600mm x 470mm high


As well as displaying Kevin’s work in the gallery, you will also find a selection of work from his family and friends. Visitors are always welcome to call past and browse what is on display.