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Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is a special time of year in Orkney when the sun barely sets and thousands of visitors come to see Orkney’s famous standing stones. This mirror is inspired by these magnificent stones and the mystery that surrounds them. It features 24 different sections to represent the 24 hours of a day and these span out from the central circle which represents the sun. People often gather at these stones, especially for the Summer Solstice and if the weather and your timings are right you can see the sun rays span out from beautifully shaped stones.

Dimensions 295mm x 720mm


Orkney Stone-Topped Table

A simple coffee table with a stunning piece of polished Orkney stone set into the top. This practical table features tapered legs which is a distinctively Scottish feature and is constructed from Sapele using mortise and tenon joints.

Dimensions 500mm x 400 x 450mm high