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In the old croft houses in Orkney, it was common for only the man of the house to have a chair to sit on while his children only had a low stool / creepie. These pieces of furniture still find a place in the modern home today and Kevin has taken these simple pieces of furniture and combined them with his design skills, and handcrafts a wide range of practical and stylish seating; often taking inspiration from the form of traditional pieces of furniture and re-interpreting them in his own style, from the traditional Orkney Creepie to contemporary inspired Side Chairs and new designs incorporating handstitched traditional Orkney straw. His Orkney Stools share much of their design style with the traditional Orkney Chair. Mortise and tenon joints are often used in the construction, which are known for their strength and durability. Hand-woven seagrass is also often used in the designs, which offers comfort, not only to sit on but also with the reassurance that it is a very sustainable material.

The Orkney Furniture Maker welcomes commissions and is more than happy to make a piece to a certain size, design or from a specific timber at the clients request.

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Seagrass dining chair (Oak) - £560.00
Orca (Oak, Hemp Rope) - £260.00
Orkney Tweed footstool (Oak) - £720.00
Brodgar Stool (Scottish Elm) photo 1 - £350.00
Brodgar Stool (Scottish Elm) photo 2 - £350.00
John Scott's Chair (Highland Park whisky cask) - £1120.00
Creepie with secret drawer (Oak) photo 1 - £335.00
Creepie with secret drawer (Oak) photo 2 - £335.00
Keepsake Creepie (Ash) - £525.00
KKeepsake Creepie (Image 2) - £525.00
Orkney Bar Chair (Ash) - £1320.00
Bairns Chair (Scottish Elm) - £525.00
Bar Chair with Straw Back (Oak) - £595.00
Bar stool (Oak) - £280.00
Bar Stool with Curved Back and Stained Glass (Oak) - £545.00
Creepie Bench (Oak) - £400.00
Dining Stool (Oak) - £265.00
Double Topped Nest of Stools (Oak) - £775.00
Double Topped Stool (Oak) - £365.00
Double Topped Stool with Drawers (Oak) - £740.00
Large Creepie (Oak) - £340.00
Nest of Two Stools (Oak) - £460.00
Oak & Walnut Dining Chair with Leather Seat - From £570.00
Orkney Stool featuring Ebony Standing Stones - £405.00
Personalised Bairns Chair (Oak) - From £435.00
Scottish Elm Creepie - £485.00
Selkie Chair (Oak) - £1340.00
Traditional Orkney Creepie (Oak) - £195.00
Traditional Orkney Stool (Oak) - £215.00
Bar Chair (Oak) - £510.00
Fair Isle Bar Chair (Ash) - £575.00
Fair Isle Bar Chair (Ash) Image 2 - £575.00
The Stoot Chair (Ash) - £2060.00
Cotton Topped Stool (Scorched oak) - £275.00
Hoy (Scottish Oak) - £335.00
Large Padded Stool featuring Standing Stones (Oak) - £1000.00


Orders for Orkney Seats can be placed through this website via our Enquiries page. To secure orders, a 20% deposit is required prior to the work being started and customers are advised that there is usually a waiting period as all items are hand-made to order.

The Orkney Furniture Maker is able to ship orders within the UK and worldwide for as little as £20.00* so they make an ideal Orcadian gift for anyone.

For any further queries or requests, please feel free to contact The Orkney Furniture Maker.

*Postage subject to weight of the item and current postal rates.