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The Orkney furniture maker designs and creates functional, stylish tables and like all of his work he endeavours to link it to his island home. With his tables this is done through materials and design. Made using a variety of materials these tables give them a real sense of the place that they are made and what he loves about Orkney. Stone from a fossil bed on the Island is one of his signature table designs along other materials such as Orkney straw and handwoven seagrass to compliment his Orkney chairs. The stone is polished to a smooth glass finish with each piece having its own unique markings; every piece tells its own story.

These tables can be made in any size to suit the clients requirements and from a variety of woods to suit decor. All of his tables are made and finished to a very high standard using the finest materials to offer a beautiful and durable finish.

Specially commissioned orders for tables are welcome and designs can be discussed with The Orkney Furniture Maker himself to ensure the perfect piece is created.

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Quernstone (Ash, Orkney stone) - £500.00
Oak drop leaf table - £2060.00
Standing stones table featuring Orkney straw work under glass - £460.00
Blend (Highland Park washback/cask) - £565.00
Side Table featuring Traditional Orkney Straw Work (Oak) - £350.00
Bedside Side Table (Oak) - £540.00
Coffee Table with Ebony Standing Stones and Spars - £955.00
Console Table with Orkney Pebbles (Oak) - £810.00
Dining Table - £1510.00, with Creepie Benches - £405.00 each
Fusion (Ash and Walnut) - £720.00
Glass Topped Coffee Table with Orkney Pebbles (Oak) - £690.00
Hall Table (Oak) - £830.00
Maeshowe Dragon Table (Oak) - £535.00
Nest of Three (Oak) - £880.00
Nest of Two (Oak) - £650.00
Oak & Walnut Table with Personalised Runes - £1045.00
Round Oak Dining Table - £1720.00
Side Table featuring Ebony Standing Stones and Drawer (Oak) - £605.00
Side Table featuring Runic Alphabet (Oak & Walnut) - £565.00
Side Table with Glass and Seagrass Top (Oak) - £310.00
Six Drawer Table (Oak) - £1455.00
Square Coffee Table with Orkney Pebbles under Glass (Oak) - £1130.00
Square Side Table (Oak) - £380.00
Square St Magnus Side Table (Oak) - £540.00
Square Table with Ebony Standing Stones - £1255.00
Standing Stones Side Table (Oak) - £445.00
Stone Topped Side Table (Oak) - £315.00
Table with Nesting Stool (Oak) - £605.00
Table with Two Nesting Stools (Oak) - £810.00
Burn (locally felled trees and Orkney stone) - £530.00
Willowburn (Elm) - £1240.00
Willowburn Console table (Elm and Orkney Stone) - £1240.00
Brodgar (Orkney Sycamore & Stone) - £590.00
Legacy Side Table - £420.00
Six Drawer Table featuring Standing Stones - £1585.00
Standing Stones Side Table with Flared Legs - £480.00


Orders for Orkney Tables can be placed through this website via our Enquiries page. To secure orders, a 20% deposit is required prior to the work being started and customers are advised that there is usually a waiting period as all items are hand-made to order.

The Orkney Furniture Maker is able to ship orders within the UK and worldwide for as little as £20.00* so they make an ideal Orcadian gift for anyone.

For any further queries or requests, please feel free to contact The Orkney Furniture Maker.

*Postage subject to weight of the item and current postal rates.