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The Orkney Furniture Maker also specialises in the design and making of bespoke cabinets and traditional kists, in his own more design-led style.

Working closely with his clients, Kevin can design and make a bespoke cabinet to their individual requirements in a range of styles from traditional to contemporary, and from a wide range of materials to make a real statement piece for their home or business.

Alongside his cabinet making, Kevin also makes Orkney Kists. Traditionally, these were often made as wedding gifts with the kist often being filled with items to help the newlyweds set up their new home together. Seen as the most versatile piece of furniture to have in an Orkney croft, not only could they be used for storage and safe transportation of goods, they often served as a table or an extra seat when visitors called past. Early kists were not as design-led as Kevin's kists as they were purely functional, while often sea kists/chests were more decorative.

Recently Kevin has developed a keen interest in basket making and its link to his work. Orkney has a long history of basket making using local materials. Kevin combines his woodworking, design and basket making knowledge to create designer baskets to suit multiple uses around both the modern and traditional home.

Commissions are always welcome for cabinets, kists, baskets or other storage requirements and items can be personalised. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements further.

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Cabinet XXV (Scottish Elm) - £1455.00
Sideboard (Ash)
Geong (Ash) - £465.00
Kilhogie (Ash) - £585.00
Scows (Oak) - £560.00
Bookcase (Oak)
Butterfly (Ash) - £1020.00
Butterfly (Oak) - £1050.00
Media Unit (Oak)
Solstice (Oak with Marquetry and Brass) - £1200.00
Solstice image - £1200.00
Summer Sky (Oak) - £1030.00
Washhand Bowl Cupboard (Oak)
Gin Cupboard (Oak, Straw)


Orders for Orkney Cabinets and Kists can be placed through this website via our Enquiries page. To secure orders, a 20% deposit is required prior to the work being started and customers are advised that there is usually a waiting period as all items are hand-made to order.

For any further queries or requests, please feel free to contact The Orkney Furniture Maker.

*Postage subject to weight of the item and current postal rates.